Thank you all for coming to TIMTOS x TMTS 2022

Thank you all for coming to TIMTOS x TMTS 2022

This year has been a new start for all manufacturers to conduct business both online and offline. It has also been the first time to have face-to-face conversations with our clients since the Covid-19 pandemic.

For many of you who could not personally attend the trade show because of circumstantial issues, we summarized some highlights for you. This includes our large-diameter slewing bearings, CNC swing head + w-axis and, of course, planetary gear reducers.

To start off, SunUs staff worked hard to make sure nothing will go wrong in the process. All products on display were polished and inspected.

Our display of slewing bearings drew quite some attention. Due to its massive size, it can be exceedingly difficult for carriers or our staff to deliver our large-diameter slewing bearing. Still, our efforts are paid off and nearly all visitors are awed by our capability to manufacture such a large-diameter slewing bearing.

Next, our latest invention of CNC swing head + w-axis has drawn much attention and inquiries due to its unique characteristics to perform the high precision cutting. The B axis can be rotated and the W axis is moved linearly and the two axes can be processed simultaneously.

As usual, SunUs is famous for its planetary gear reducers and we take pride in displaying all planetary gear reducers at this trade show. This includes but does not limit to AG, PG, DG, HG, DMU and BMU. The extended versions of AG, PG and HG were also on display highlighting its spiral angle (AGR, PGR and HGR).

If you come to the trade show, what are your thoughts? If not, what is your anticipation for TIMTOS x TMTS 2023? Write us any thoughts you may have. Until then, we will see you next year.
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