We will see you in IMTS 2024

IMTS 2022 Booth stand
This is the very first time SunUs made it to the USA for the trade show. All preparations must be done in a single day.
IMTS 2022 Slewing Bearings
Due to its massive size, it can be exceedingly difficult for carriers or our staff to deliver our large-diameter slewing bearing. Still, our efforts are paid off and nearly all visitors are awed by our capability to manufacture such a large-diameter slewing bearing.
IMTS 2022 showcases zero backlash
To demonstrate our high accuracy, we simulate the situation where the rack, pinions and the planetary gear reducer come together. Backlash, as shown, is 0.000.
IMTS 2022 Taiwan Pavilion
Alliance is the quickest way to introduce ourselves to all potential buyers from all over the world. Joined by our manufacturers in Taiwan, SunUs made its debut under the theme of Taiwan Pavillion.
IMTS 2022 SUNUS display
You can see our brand name (upper right).

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