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Our new website

We updated some new functions not included in the last version of our site:
  • Customization
    • SunUs tailor-made program to manufacture your own ideal planetary gear reducers and transmission components.
  • Diverse industry application
    • Map out all industry application.
  • Visualized product information
    • Visualize products by category. R&D, procurement and decision-makers are easier to find the right product.
  • Product categorization and parameter categorization
    • SunUs offers a wide range of products, and to efficiently assist customers in narrowing down their search for suitable planetary gearboxes, relevant information has been incorporated in this update.
  • Customer information
    • Classify and categorize for quick access to catalogs or installation manuals based on category and functionality.
  • Strealined single-stage and double-stage technical data and dimensions
    • Quickly switch between single and double-stage comparisons to save time when cross-referencing.
  • New selection system
    • Selection now includes more models and servo motor matching options. Drawings are available for customers to download and match.
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