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HG series: 24th Taiwan Excellence Award Winner


SUNUS TECH CO., LTD. obtained a news of victory—HG series of planetary reducer honorably received recognition from Taiwan Excellence Awards.

Sponsored by Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and implemented by Taiwan External Trade Development Council, Taiwan Excellence Awards selection has been the twenty-fourth. After rigorous first review, site evaluation, and review discussion of 88 trial members, HG series of planetary reducer, SUNUS TECH CO., LTD., successfully won the award. The series, designed with unique hollow shafts, can run with smaller-sized servo motors and less-tooth gears to get a minimum starting torque for high economic benefits and an optimized design of easy installation and space saving. It can be generally applicable to CNC machine tools, industrial machinery, factory automation machinery, and other equipment.

SUNUS products convey earth loving philosophy as the planets running around the sun: Sun is the sun in the sky, and Us refers to ourselves and also is on behalf of our planet, which means we have to move towards globalization and to love the world; also describes the concept of planetary reducer structure; and passes diligent efforts of the enterprise service spirit like planets go around the star and never stop. So that clients and the same trade are able to clearly identify the company brand and meaning.

Passing a mission of sustainable management. The spirit of creation and R & D is like the sun heat and, day after day, keeps moving forward.

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