TIMTOS 2023: A Machine Industry Feast Unfolds!

In a flurry of activity to ensure everything was ready for the opening, 17 exhibits were prepared. The booth was arranged according to the company's product lines, including high-precision universal, right-angle, economic and mechanical backlash-free planetary gear reducers, racks, and slewing bearings.
booth design

The most eye-catching exhibit was the 2-meter slewing bearing. It demonstrates SunUs’s capacity and will be a major goal at the next stage, at which we eagerly respond to our customers' needs for higher precision and high-quality slewing bearings.
TIMTOS 2023 Customer Inquiries

The mechanical backlash reduction series also attracted many inquiries from foreign buyers, and its backlash reduction function exceeds industry standards. SunUs demonstrated its advanced technology and exchanged ideas with customers.
TIMTOS 2023 2 meter slewing bearing

Huge-torque UM series under the category of high-precision universal planetary gear reducers received significant interest from visitors. Massive size reducers have long been a strength of SunUs. Continuous operation is also a key factor that customers repeatedly emphasized when ordering, and SunUs has proved its advantages in product performance.
TIMTOS 2023 UM series
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